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GSA business 

PASHA Travel provides a portfolio of services for the airlines including sales strategy, marketing 
& PR, customer service and support as well as airport supervision. We are helping airlines to 
increase impact from offline markets or enter into a new market entirely. 
For this, we are utilizing local networks to drive sales, grow revenues, and achieve your goals.


PASHA Holidays, a distinguished sub-brand of PASHA Travel, caters exclusively to the B2C segment, offering a curated selection of travel products designed for individual explorers. With Pasha Holidays, embark on a personalized journey where seamless experiences and unforgettable adventures await, bringing the world's wonders directly to our valued individual travelers.


Discover our exceptional range of main products, specially curated for our valued partners in the travel industry. From the enchanting landscapes of Montenegro to the cultural richness of Egypt, the vibrant experiences in the UAE, the breathtaking beauty of Georgia, the serenity of Finland, and the diverse offerings of Turkey – our portfolio is designed to elevate your travel offerings. We take pride in our handpicked selection of destinations, ensuring unparalleled experiences for your clients. Partner with us to access exclusive packages, and personalized services that guarantee memorable journeys. Our dedicated B2B platform is tailored to streamline collaboration, enabling seamless bookings, detailed information, and reliable support.

What Our Clients Say


Hajar Imanova

"My journey to Montenegro with Pasha Travel was nothing short of magical. The picturesque landscapes and personalized itinerary exceeded my expectations, making it a dream escape. Pasha Travel truly knows how to turn travel fantasies into reality!
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