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8 things you should know before going to Cappadocia

In this article, we have put together the 8 most important things you should know about Cappadocia before exploring this place with Cappadocia tours.
As we all know, Cappadocia is at the top of the list of the most popular tourist destinations in Turkey and even in the world. Millions of people travel to Cappadocia throughout the year to marvel at everything from fairy chimneys to underground caves. If you're ready, let's get started!
1. Cappadocia is on the UNESCO World Heritage List
It should be noted that no new construction is permitted here except for restoration. Caves cannot be touched or turned into hotels. Therefore, most local residents live in or near hotels.
2.   The thousand-year-old historical caves of Cappadocia
The history of Cappadocia is very ancient and settlement in the region spans from 1800 to 1200 BC. Caves were used to hide and escape from persecution but eventually became human homes. There are Monastery Caves, and underground caves that you can admire while traveling to Cappadocia today. There are even caves made for pigeons.
3.   Not suitable for rock climbing
The formation of rocks in Cappadocia dates back thousands of years. Although the rocks are quite old and solid, they are not at all suitable for climbing. Rock climbing is not possible in Cappadocia because the rocks are made of volcanic ash and easy-to-carve minerals and have countless holes.
4.   Valley of Love and Fairy Chimneys
Sevgi Valley, a 10-15 minute walk outside Goreme, is a popular destination for those looking for a romantic atmosphere. This is an area where you will see many Fairy Chimneys. In the Valley of Love, you can take a walk and take pictures with the view of the fairy chimneys.
5.   Open Air Museum
The Open Air Museum is a preserved park of cave monasteries and monks' residences. Some cave houses are decorated with wall paintings and frescoes. Meanwhile, other rooms are empty, unadorned ascetic cave houses. You can climb some of them by the stairs and we assure you that these places are worth visiting.
6.   Red Valley
The Red Valley in Cappadocia got its name from the red, pinkish yellow colored rocks found here. The colors of the rocks of the Red Valley of Cappadocia are related to the special material in the soil. You can walk from Göreme or take a Cappadocia balloon tour to see this valley.
7.   Uchisar Castle
Uchisar Castle is a place worth seeing and we recommend you go there as it is very close to Goreme. The castle looks like a huge rock with a small town built around it and leading up to it.
8.   The Oldest Rock Monastery
Soganli is a lovely area famous for its old rock monasteries and a wonderful place to spend time. The only way to get here is by car or by tour. This interesting region called Cappadocia in miniature, is a must-see during a Cappadocia tour. The oldest rock monastery is also worth visiting here.
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