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B2B Sales Specialist

PASHA Travel is hiring a motivated B2B Sales Specialist to drive growth in our business-to-business segment. This role is ideal for a dynamic professional who excels in building relationships, driving sales, and contributing to the expansion of our client base in the travel industry.

Essential Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Proactively increase sales potentials by creating new deals with Travel agencies to open business with us

  • Cultivate strong relationships with travel agency partners

  • Regularly assess partner satisfaction and address any concerns promptly.

  • Schedule and conduct regular face-to-face meetings with clients and agencies. Use these visits to strengthen relationships, gather feedback, and identify additional business opportunities.

  • Collaborate closely with supplier sales teams to ensure seamless communication.

  • Generate and analyze sales reports regularly.

  • Identify trends, opportunities, and potential challenges in the market.

  • Ensure accurate and timely updates on pricing, promotions, and other relevant information.

  • Act as a liaison between users, partners, and technical support.

  • Monitor system improvements and updates.

  • Provide feedback on enhancements or suggest additional features based on user and business needs.

  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to align strategies.

  • Share market insights and gather information that can enhance sales efforts.

  • Conduct product presentations that highlight key features and benefits.

  • Provide constructive feedback based on user experiences.

  • Attend relevant conferences, trade shows, and networking events.

  • Promote the company, build connections, and stay informed about industry trends.

All candidates meeting the requirements are requested to send their Application Forms/CVs with the reference “B2B Sales Specialist” in the email subject line.

Please be advised that only shortlisted candidates (CVs corresponding to all requirements) will be contacted  

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