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About the Project

If you love your city and want to share your love and vision, we invite you to become an ambassador of your country for the travelers from all over the world.


Guide me in Baku – is a joint project between PASHA Travel and Azerbaijan Tourism and Management University.



The main goal of the project is to inspire and attract young foreign language speakers who love their country into the field of Tourism, to help them in acquiring additional qualification and create platform for professional development in application of the skills they will be taught.



The course consists of lectures and master classes from leading professionals in Tourism both local and foreign. The highlight of the course is the special attention to delivery techniques and creative projects that will help to evolve new insights into the existing routes.




Who is a guide? 

The guide is a local person who introduces into the culture, history and modern life. The one who creates experience and atmosphere, who makes the trip unforgettable. Even in the century of technology no gadget can replace a human smile and warmth. 



What you gain:

-Unique learning experience, where you acquire skills that can be used in many spheres of your life

-Chance to work always practicing the foreign language you learned with native speakers

-No bosses, no dress code, no office hours – but very good salary

-Meeting new people from all over the world

-Official Qualification  

The course is free of charge

Number of places available: 20 

Course Content

The course consists of the following modules:


  • Core lectures provided by ATMU (ATMU building near Ganjlik metro station)


  • Interactive lectures provided by PASHA Travel (PT office at Port Baku)


  • Master classes and field trips


  • Self-studies module


  • Project work



The syllabus includes but is not limited to the following subjects:


History of Azerbaijan

Stories of Baku city by Fuad Akhundov

Introduction into Incoming Tourism

The Techniques of Tour Guiding


Conteprorary Life

Art and Culture


Culinary Tourism

Design of Thematic Tours 

Costumer Services standards

Psychology of group 

Acting Skills / Becoming an entertainer

Rhetoric/Public Speaking

Case studies (theory vs practice) 



Examination consists of the following steps:


-Internal oral examination based on the lectures covered during the course

-Project work (the design of the route and actual performance)

-External exam for the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Certificate and license (test examination/oral examination)

The course will take place both at ATMU and PASHA Travel office in the evening. The exaxt time table to be announced.



Fourth and Third Year Bachelor Students

Master Students

Recent University Graduates (don’t forget to share this with your graduated friends)


Language Proficiency:

Major Foreign language minimum level B2 (according to common European framework/ Upper-Intermediate)

Knowledge of any additional foreign language is an asset

Knowledge of all the Languages of instruction (English, Russian, Azerbaijani) minimum level B1* (according to common European framework).

In very exceptional cases one of the languages can be omitted, please contact us at for each case.


Availability from mid-February till late-April:  

  • to participate in classes during the weekdays after 4 p.m
  • to participate in classes and activities during weekends
  • to travel in Baku and Absheron for excursions and field trips when required

Availability from late-April till early-June to participate in project work  


Availability and interes to work for 2017-2018 sesons


Personal qualities:

-Artistry and Charisma





-Strong interpersonal skills

-Ability to work under pressure

How to join

Invest your time and efforts into your future



To apply follow the link: 



Application Deadline:

February 28, 2017

Note: only full application forms will be considered

Applications or CVs without a photo will not be considered


Interviews will be held during the application process, the earlier you apply the sooner you will be invited for an interview 

Language interview will be held on a separate date during the week after February 28 



In case of any technical issues, send your CV with a short cover letter to indicating the subject: GuidemeinBaku